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Jay Fisher

Natalie, there are no FAQ's clarifying this question, but the Federal Register Final Rule, page 44356 contains the following answer to your question:

"As discussed previously, this objective simply refers to the option of the electronic provision of instructions that would be provided to the patient at the time of discharge. Therefore, we believe for the information to be useful to the patient, the instructions themselves or instructions on how to access them electronically should be furnished at the time of discharge from the eligible hospital or CAH."

So it appears you have some latitude to interpret "time of discharge". Your risk of course, is how a potential auditor will interpret this phrase. If your hospital's practice is to issue those discharge instructions at some time later than the actual day of discharge, you should document that practice / policy in the repository containing all your Meaningful Use documentation.

Natalie Berger

the federal register specifies that these discharge instructions should be provided to the patient at the time of discharge. The numerator does not reference any time parameters related to the date the request was fulfilled. This seems to result in reports which will "count" any electronic discharge instructions that are provided to the requesting patietn DURING THE REPORTING period which could be 364 days after the request. please reconcile this conflicting information

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Love the layout! Thank you for sharing!

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Virginia Intelisano

What happens when patients who have a record maintained by EHR technology are discharged but do not have an email address for access to the web-based portal to retrieve their discharge instructions electronically?

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